Thank You to 100 Women Making a Difference

Posted by The Stanley Fair on August 10, 2019

To 100 Women ~ making a difference,

I would like to thank the members of 100 Women ~ making a difference for their generous donation towards this year’s Stanley Fair. Your support is greatly appreciated as we prepare to celebrate our 169th annual Stanley Fair later this month.

 Since the inception of 100 Women Making A Difference in 2013, the Stanley Agricultural Society has been the recipient of close to $6,000 from your membership. In addition to supporting our mission to promote agricultural awareness, your continued interest goes a long way in helping us to maintain our heritage buildings and infrastructure. These facilities are used for a variety of events during the summer and fall seasons.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have been selected for funding along with the many other worthy organizations that you support each year. Your efforts help greatly to encourage and motivate all of the volunteers that work towards the betterment of our community.
Please accept my sincere expression of thanks on behalf of the Stanley Agricultural Society.

Tom Cameron, President.