Photograph taken by Emily Dextraze

Since 1851 the Stanley Agricultural Society #35 has been planning, organizing and operating the Stanley Fair. The Stanley Fair is one of the oldest if not the oldest continuously running agricultural fairs in Canada. Currently the Stanley Agricultural Society and the Stanley Fair are run and supported entirely by volunteers.

In cooperation with the Province of New Brunswick we present extensive displays and exhibits promoting agricultural awareness.

Funding for our events, activities and entertainment is supported by donations, fund raising activities and admission fees at the Stanley Fair. We are very fortunate to have generous donors, several of them contribute every year. Without the support of these donors and volunteers the Stanley Fair could not continue.

If you would like more information or to donate please contact: Dawn Piercy at dpiercy@live.ca or send your donation to: Stanley Agricultural Society #35, 23 Centennial St. Stanley, NB E6B 1A9